Tiffany Scott - Coordinator

Mrs Tiffany Scott

English Coordinator
K-2 Instructional Coach

Personal message: As an Educational Leader I aspire to make a positive difference not only in my own classroom, but also throughout the whole school community.

It is my passion to create rich, rigorous and challenging learning experiences that guide my students to become creative, responsible and autonomous learners. As a visual learner myself, I aim to create a classroom space in which learning is visible and students are independently building strategies to assist them in transferring their learning from surface to deep.

I enjoy working collaboratively and sharing ideas or new insights with others in order to support and extend all students within the school, all while continuing to improve my own professional practice.

Having a very special role as an educator within Catholic Education also inspires me to guide my students to reach out and spread the good news about life and its purpose.

Statement of areas of responsibility: As a Coordinator, Tiffany is responsible for the religious and educational leadership of the school. She is also responsible for the overall direction in order to provide for the effective care and education of the students. This is carried out through facilitation of their spiritual, social, academic and personal development within resource and funding constraints.

A curriculum coordinator provides ongoing support and feedback to staff, exercises leadership by working with staff to implement performance and development processes.

Professional experience: Tiffany has worked at St Christopher’s, Panania since the beginning of 2017 as a classroom teacher and in addition a school coordinator.

Prior to this, Tiffany worked as a classroom teacher at St Christopher’s, Holsworthy in 2016 and St Patrick’s, Parramatta in 2015.

In 2014, in her final year of her Bachelor or Education she worked collaboratively with Sydney Catholic Schools and the University of Notre Dame on a research task as an ‘Early Years Intern’.

Qualifications: Currently completing a Masters of Educational Leadership – Australian Catholic University.

Bachelor of Primary Education (Religious Education) – The University of Notre Dame Sydney.

Professional interests: 

Professional development

Innovative pedagogical practices

Current phonics, writing and reading research

Evidence based education research